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Dakshata Skill
Dakshayani (Daakshaaya)ni Daksha's daughter, Shiva's wife
Dakshi (Daakshi) Mother of 'Panini'
Dakshina Goddess Parvathi, Name of a learned lady of vedic times
Dakshinya (Daakshinya) Modesty
Damati Conquering
Damayanthi Queen of Nala
Damini (Daamini) Lightening
Darika (Daarika) Maiden
Darpana Mirror, Looking glass
Darshana Religious text, vision
Dashahara River Ganga
Dashami 10th day of Paksha in Hindu Calendar
Davana A fragrant herb, used to worship
Daya Kindness, mercy, pity, compassion
Dayamayi Kindhearted, compassionate person
Dayitha Beloved
Dedepya (Dedepya) Very bright
Deeksha A pledge, Dedication, religious initiation
Deepa A Lamp
Deepa Kalika Light of a lamp
Deepadhari --
Deepakshi Eyes as bright as lamp
Deepali Collection of lamps
Deepamale --
Deepanayana Eyes as bright as lamp
Deepanetra Eyes as bright as lamp
Deepanjali Express dedication by lamps
Deepaprabha Light of a lamp
Deeparathi (Deepaarathi) A ritual done with lamps on auspicious occasions

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