Baby Girl Names - Pediatric Oncall
Eashaa Desire, Durga
Eashana Desire
Eashani Goddess Parvathi
Eashanye The diety who looks after the direction Eashanya
Eashita Wanted, superiority
Eashwari Goddess Parvathi
Ebbani Dew drops
Eccha Desire
Ecchitha Wanted
Ecchumati A River
Ekaika Unique, matchless. Only one of its kind
Ekama Unique, the absolute
Ekananga (Ekaanangaa) Krishna's sister, Yashoda's daughter
Ekapatala Sister of Parvathi, wife of sage Jaigeeshavya
Ekatha Unity
Ekavali A necklace, daughter of King Raibhya
Ekoparna Sister of Parvathi, wife of sage Asita
Eksha (Eakshaa) Rational
Ela Earth, daughterof Vyvaswatmanu
Eladevi Earth
Emani Trustworthy
Eshtadevatha Favourite diety
Eshtalakshmi Favourite goddess Lakshmi
Eshtartha Desired

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