Baby Girl Names - Pediatric Oncall
Gagana The sky
Gaganadeepa The sun or moon
Gaganamani The sun or moon
Gaganasindhu River Ganga, The Ganges
Gahana Deep, difficult to undestand
Gajalakshmi Goddess Lakshm
Galanthika Vessel used to store holy water for "Abhisheka"
Gambheerya Poise, dignity
Ganakeshi Daughter of Mathali, wife of a serpent King (Naga)
Ganasri (Gaana sri) Patron diety of Music, Saraswathi
Ganasudha Sweet music
Gandaki A tributary of River Ganga
Gandhari (Gaandhaari) Mother of Kauravas, Wife of Dhritarashtra
Ganga River Ganga, The Ganges
Garati Virtuous woman
Gargi (Gaargi) A learned lady of the past
Gatha (Gaatha) Narration, story
Gautumi Name of river Godavari
Gayana (Gaayana) Music
Gayathri A goddess, a formula, famour Mantra
Geerni The sanskrit language
Geetaroopaka An opera
Geetika A small song
Geyata Which can be sung
Ghanavathi Dignified Lady
Ghandakali Another name of Sathyavathi (Shanthanu's queen)
Ghandha Fragrance, sandal wood
Ghandhavathi The Earth
Ghoshavathi Flute, veena of Vasavadutta and Udayan
Ghritachi Starrynight, An apsara, Drona's mother

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