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hakambari (Shaakambari) Parvathi
halaka (Shalaaka) Parvathi
Hampa Parvathi as consort of 'Viroopaksha' at Hampi
Hampadevi Parvathi as consort of 'Viroopaksha' at Hampi
Hamsa A swan, Soul
Hamsageeta Song of the soul
Hamsapadike Friend of Shakuntala
Hamsaveena A type of veena shaped like a swan
Hamsi Daughter of Bhageerath, wife of sage Kouthsya
Hardika Sincere
Haridra Turmeric powder
Harina A deer
Harinakshi One with eyes like that of a deer
Harinmani Emarald (green gem)
Harismita Smile of Sri Hari
Harshada Giver of joy
Harshadayini Giver of joy
Harshaprabha Radiance of happiness
Harshaprada Giver of joy
Harshavardhini One who increases joy
Harshini Happy
Harshitha Happy
Hasanmukhi One with smiling face
Hasanthi Laughter
Hasanthika Smiling
Hasika (Haasika) Smiling
Hasita Smile
Hastha A star
Hasumathi Smiling
Havala Coral

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