Baby Girl Names - Pediatric Oncall
Jabala (Jaabaala) Sage Jabala's mother
Jagadamba Mother of the world, Parvathi
Jagadhathri (Jagadhaathri) Mother of the world, Parvathi
Jaganmohini Very attractive, who can attract the whole world by her beauty
Jagathi Earth
Jagrathi (Jaagrathi) Awakening, stirring
Jahanara Queen
Jaji (Jaaji) Jasmine, a gragnant flower
Jalabalika Watermaiden, Matsya Kanya, Lightening
Jaladhi The sea
Jaladhija Lakshmi
Jalaja Lotus
Jalajakshi One with lotus-like eyes, Lakshmi
Jalandhara Bhima's wife, Bhanumathi's sister
Jambavathi (Jaambavathi) Krishna's queen, Bear King's daughter
Jamboomathi An apsara's name
Jameela Beautiful
Jamuna River Yamuna
Janakanandini Seetha
Janaki (Jaanaki) Seeta, Janaka's daughter
Janani Mother
Janapadi (Jaanapadi) Name of an apsara
Janhavi (Jaanhavi) River Ganga
Janikaa Mother
Japa (Jaapa) A type of flower
Jasmine A fragrant flower
Jatila Lion, Gautuma's daughter
Jauhara Gem, virtue
Jaya Victory
Jayagatha (Jayagaatha) Story of victory

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