Baby Girl Names - Pediatric Oncall
Lahari Inclination, tendency, wave, river
Lajavartha (Laajavartha) A gem
Lajjavathi Modest
Lajwanti Modest
Lakamba Leader of the world, Parvathi
Lakshana A Queen of Krishna, Daryodhana's daughter, Samta's wife
Lakshanavathi Girl with attractive features
Lakshi (Laakshi) 1st wife of Dushyanth
Lakshmi Goddess of wealth, consort of Vishnu
Lalana A girl
Lalasa (Laalasa) Ardent desire
Lali Darling girl
Lalima (Laalima) Redness
Lalita (Laalita) Petted
Lalitha Goddess Parvathi, beauty
Lalithakala Fine arts
Lalithya (Laalithya) Loveliness, elegance
Lapita Wife of sage Mandapal
Larika Name of a Naga Kanya
Lata Creeper
Latangi One with creeper like body, shim girl
Latika Small creeper
Lavali Clove
Lavangalata Creeper of clove, delicate
Lavangika Clove plant, delicate
Lavanya Grace
Lavanyagowri Parvathi
Lavanyalata Graceful creeper
Lavitha Delicate
Layavanthi With Knowledge of Music

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