Baby Girl Names - Pediatric Oncall
Madakala Wife of Sumathi (A Vidyadhara)
Madalase (Madaalase) Goddess Durga, Name of Gandharva princess
Madanalekha Love letter
Madanamajari Beautiful
Madanamala Beautiful
Madanamohini Beautiful
Madanika A bracket figure at the top of the pillars in temples
Madari (Maadari) Model, ideal
Madayanthi Jasmine, a fragrant flower
Madhavi Daughter of Yayathi
Madhavika A plant, spring, season
Madhavilata (Maadhavilata) A creeper with fragrant flowers
Madhoolika Sweet
Madhu Sweet, honey
Madhubala Sweet girl
Madhuchandra Honey moon
Madhuchandrika Shine or radiance of honey moon
Madhukarika Sweet
Madhumalati A flowering creeper
Madhumathi Sweet natured girl, Lakshmi
Madhumita Very sweet, Sweet girl
Madhura Sweet, melodious
Madhurabhashini Who speaks sweetly
Madhuralekha Beauty, sweet picture
Madhuranka Pleasing scene, symbol, body
Madhuri (Maadhuri) Sweet girl
Madhurita Very sweet
Madhurya (Maadhurya) Sweetness, pleasantness, melodiousness, gracefulness
Madhushree The spring season (Vasantha masa)
Madirakshi One with intoxicating eyes

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