Baby Girl Names - Pediatric Oncall
Naaz Glamour
Nadashree Goddessof Musics Saraswathi
Naga Kanyaka Princess of naga (serpent)
Nagaja Parvathi
Nagalakshmi Queen of Nagas (serpents)
Nagamani Gem of serpents
Naganandini Princess of naga (serpent)
Nagapriya Beloved of naga
Nagaratna Gem of serpents
Nagari (Naagari) The script of sanskrit language
Nagashree Queen of Nagas (serpents)
Nagaveena A musical instrument
Nagaveni One with long snak - wire hair
Nagina Jewel
Nagini (Naagini) A Naga Kanya
Nainadevi A goddess in a temple at Nainital
Naipunya Cleverness
Nairmalya Purity, cleanliness
Nakshatra A star
Nakshatra manjari A bunch of stars
Nakshatramala Garland of stars
Naladi (Nalaadi) An Apsara with fragrant body
Nalayani (Naalaayani) Sage Moudgalya's wife
Nalinakshi One with lotus like eyes, Lakshmi
Nalini Lotus
Nalitha Frolic, capering, dancing
Namankita (Naamaankita) Famous, celebrated
Namrata Modesty, humility, simplicity
Nanda Happiness, a daughter
Nandadeep A lamp

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