Baby Girl Names - Pediatric Oncall
Rabia Famous, godly
Rachana Making, arrangement, tidy
Rachita Beautiful
Radha (Raadha) Prosperity, Sri Krishna's beloved at Brindavan
Radhika Radha
Rajalakshmi Queen
Rajani Night
Rajanigandha A scented flower which blossoms during night
Rajashree Queen
Raji (Raaji) A deal
Rajkumari Princess
Rajyalakshmi Goddess of the kingdom
Rajyashree Goddess of the kingdom
Raksha Guard, protection
Rakshambal Sri Ramanuja Charya's wife
Rakshita Protected one
Rama (Ramaa) Lakshmi
Rambha Name of an Apsara
Rameshwari Parvathi
Ramita Pleasing
Ramya Delightful, pretty
Rani A Queen
Ranita Tinkling
Ranjana Amusement
Ranjita A musing, entertaining, shining
Rashmi A ray of light
Rati Most beautiful lady, wife of cupid (Manmatha)
Ratidevi Most beautiful lady, wife of cupid (Manmatha)
Ratna A gem
Ratnadeepa Shine or glow of gem

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