Twins Baby Boy Names
Names (Doubles)
Subhodh Prabhodh
Rohit Mohit
Chandan Nandan
Kavindra Ravindra
Tarun Karun
Sharan Varun
Arun Kiran
Roopak Deepak
Divit Divij
Arpan Dharpan
Jhenkar Omkar
Anveshan Vibheeshan
Swetamohan Muralimohan
Chandramohan Rakeshmohan
Manmohan Chittamohan
Krishnamohan Rammohan

Names (Triplets)
Priyank Madhurank Shashank
Mahesh Mukesh Sukesh
Apekshit Parikshit Nirikshit
Sumesh Umesh Ramesh
Suhas Charuhas Mandhahas

Names (Multipals)
Narendra Surendra Dheerendra Mahendra Balendra

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