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Posted On : 3/28/2012 2:55 AM
Generic Drug Manufacturers Not Liable ?
It has been reported that a substantial number of lawsuits filed against the makers of generic drugs for adverse reactions to their medicines, are being dismissed. According to reports, these decisions are based on the fact that last year the Supreme Court ruled that since the companies who manufacture the generic drugs have no control in what information the label contains, they are not liable to consumers regarding the risks involved in their use.

The ruling was allegedly founded in part by a 1984 law which gave pharmaceutical companies the right to manufacture the generic drug as long as they had evidence to support claims that its’ chemical properties were equal to that of the brand name drug and the labels were the same as the name brand labels.Reportedly, any changes to the label would be handled by the brand name manufacturer and the generic company would be required to implement those changes, as well as report any problems they encountered to the FDA.

Reportedly, generic drug use is widely popular due to the money saving aspect, and pharmacies are not required to inform their customers that legal options with their use are forfeited.

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