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Posted On : 1/26/2007 9:58:26 AM
Posted By :  sky
Under Category :  Bullying
troubled child
I UNDERSTAND AS I HAVE seen MANY CILDREN LIKE THIS AND ITS QUITE OFTEN THAT THEY PUSH YOU TO THE EDGE AND MAKE YOU FEEL HELPLESS.basically what this child wants is attention.He must have been feeling so much left out or some kind of longing towards his parents ,maybe he feels neglected and when he does all this naughty acts he gets all the attention that he wants.its some form of attention seeking behaviour and all children have it at some time of their childhood but sometimes its a bit too much.there is nothign can be done in the easy way to overcome this kind of behavioural problems in chidlren
what you have to do is to give him as much as attention and show him more love than your older children but before that you youself must ask yourself are you willign to take this child as your child and love him nothing less.It would be easier if you can be frank to yourself and decide it before you attempt to show him any love.children are smart and they have instincts that only their kin will understand
its some kind of vibe.they know when a person is pretending.If you are willign to lov e him and are ready then proceed and give him all the love he can cure anythign if its given in appropriate way and time.but still discipline shoudl also be part of the love and conditioning.ok.all the best

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