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Posted On : 9/27/2007 8:16:48 AM
Posted By :  Nancy
Under Category :  Dealing with multiple problems
cephalhematoma surgery required
My daughter substained a cephalhematoma during birth which resulted in having a cranitomy. Before the surgery right after birth she was experiencing seizures once I bought her home. She had surgery at 6mths old. Since than she has had so many diagonosis until I don`t know who to believe. She`s diagnosed with arthritis, migraine headaches, learning disabilty, mild mental retardation and she has positive ana which has not yet been explained. She get`s pt and ot in school and pt at a facility. She has a 504 plan in place in school and she get`s SSI. I use to have an attorney. Now I`m searching for an Attorney who is going to fight for my daughter`s right`s. the one lawyer proved negligence but can`t tie the two together. Why? Is there any one who can shed some light on, what I should do next? Is there anyone going or has gone what We`ve been through? HELP PLEASE!

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