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Posted On : 10/26/2007 2:39:36 AM
Posted By :  Jane
Under Category :  Hair problems
1998: I was diagnosed with mild phorosis at 10 - years- old, on my scalp and eyes. Quiite itchy and annoying, I can`t stop picking it because it`s become a habit I`ll have to live with for the rest of my life.
At first, everybody thought it was dandruff and kept telling me to use `head and shoulders`.
And, when I was 15 - years - old I had my whole head shaved off because they thought it might cure it, and actually it was going, but I didn`t want to be baldy forever.
Everyday, I pick my flakey scalp until it goes red and sore.
One thing they have is shampoo and it smells unpleasant and it does`nt work, it just makes my scalp more softer and easier for me to pick the phorisis off my head.
Right now, it`s on one of my ears, still on my scalp, a little on my neck. Knees, the shin of my legs, elbows. A little on my chest and goodness knows where to next!
But, it only itches on my head.
I can`t get rid of it, it`s just there and annoying and grows back so quickly. It`s never gone and come back, it`s always been there. And, I hope one day there will be something to make it stop.
Proberly when I`m even too old to care.

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