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Posted On : 2/16/2008 5:51:33 PM
Posted By :  Teri McDaniel
Under Category :  Kawasaki`s disease
kawaskis disease
My name is Karen. I have a 3 year old son named Tommy, he is so prescious to our family. About 3 weeks ago he developed a really high fever 104.2, throughout the day it raised, and then lowered, no vomiting. My husband took him to ER I was working. The poked him over and over, every test came back negative. Sent us home after 13 hours. The next day fever still 102, and 104, and 100 different times throguhout the day. The 3rd day fever again, he was tired, feet were peeling, hgis lips were very chapped, and he started having a loose stool..Back to Er, we do not have a family doctor, we just moved to WV. Day 4 no fever, he ate dinner,, played, feet still peeling a little, and his glands were swollen. The nurse at Ruby Memorial Hospital told us to mention to the doctor about Kawaskis disease her daughter had it at age 3. I mentioned it, and he immediately looked at everything, and admitted him to the pediatrics ward right away with Kawaskis disease. He had an enlarged heart on day 6 possible due to higher fever than 103. They give you IVG antibodies, really very helpful, but he had no fever after day 3 and 4 highly unlikely..But he had it.

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