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Posted On : 2/28/2008 4:03:23 PM
Posted By :  Carla Gale
Under Category :  Kawasaki`s disease
My son Markell and kawaskis disease
My son was admitted into Bemidji Hospital on February 17th, 2008. He went from there to Merit Care in Fargo,ND. Where my other son was air lifted to suffering a brain injury. From then on Markell swelled up from his feet to his legs to his stomach. They thought he would get better but then sometime in beginning of February he developed aneurysms on his heart from that point a doctor came in and told me he might not make it out of this. I was already stressed thinking my other son wouldn`t. {also have a daughter}. But then the aneurysms spread to his shoulders and had ateries as big as an adults. I didn`t want to believe my boys could die. But on Sunday February 10th, 2008 at 11:24 am my son passed on from and unknown cause. Markells father and I wouldn`t allow autopsy seeing to all Markells pain before so it will remain unkown what happened {heart attack-artery rupter??} We still cry everyday and miss him so much but thanks for your time. Email if any questions.

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