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Posted On : 3/5/2008 2:01:18 PM
Posted By :  David Schott
Under Category :  Turners syndrome
Turner Syndrome with my first child
The weekend before New Year`s Eve my wife wasn`t feeling well due to severe cramps and some bloody discharge. We decided to go to the hospital to get her checked out when we found out the baby had a Cystic Hygroma from the back of her head to her hips. The doctors didn`t give us much hope but we weren`t ready to give up just yet. About a week later we found out the baby had Turner`s which just added to the mix of things happening. Again we decided to wait since there was time to make a decision in hopes the hygroma would reduce. Two weeks later we found out the hygroma had reduced by half which to us was a miracle so we decided to again wait it out. Three weeks later, week 17, the doctor stated that the hygroma was completel gone and the heart looked good. At this point we weren`t expecting all this good news and were more shocked than anything. The thought of our little girl having TS didn`t scare us very much if the organs and hygroma all checked out. We`ve done a lot of reading on the internet, probably too much, so we feel we can handle it. So now here we are at 5 months and one week with our big heart checkup at John`s Hopkins to see if her heart checks out. I have come to appreciate what others including those dealing with Charge Syndrome, Down`s, etc are dealing with. We are hopeful but still guarded with the outcome. There seemed to be more sad stories than good ones with TS so I`m hoping we are on the side of the good ones. My heart goes out to those going through this, as a man I had no idea what women go through during a pregnancy and the connection they have with their child.

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