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Posted On : 4/9/2008 7:30:45 AM
Posted By :  Julienne M Kolozy
Under Category :  Eating disorders
Feeding Disorder
My daughter is 6 yrs old, she does not eat food.I have never seen her chew something and swallow it. She is sustained by Nutren jr 6-8 cans daily. We just completed a 3 month intense feeding therapy clinic with little progress.I have never met or heard of another child with such severe feeding issues similar to my daughter`s. She has some other issues like poor balance and some gross motor problems but overall you would never know there is anything different about her, she looks like every other 6 yr old child and is quite bright. I have decided to write a book of my experiences re: this situation and have come quite far. If anyone has any pertinent info re: my daughter or the book please email me She has no known medical reason for not being able to chew and move food around in her mouth before swallowing. She can eat pureed foods but anything past a stage 2 baby food consistency will cause her to gag. She has had feeding therapy since she was 1 half yrs old and has never progressed. I have taken her to see specialists and to feeding clinics where the settings are very clinical and intense and no one has been able to completely help and she continues to eat only pureed foods and nutren jr. It is so frustrating and I have all but given up.I will continue writing and dealing with this serious problem until someone can give some answers and my little girl begins to eat.

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