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Posted On : 4/16/2008 6:19:25 AM
Posted By :  s moore
Under Category :  Body odor
body odour
i start noticing a strong body odor in my son at the age of 4 or 5 when he was in preschool. it got stronger as he got older. when i took him to the pediatrician of course all they said was use an antibacterial soap but i knew that would not help, we had already tried it. now the problem was affecting his ability to play with his friends, because the odor was strong, he smelled like a "wet dog" And when i kissed him on his forehead before he went to bed, his skin smelled like "fish". people would make comments that he needed a bath, but they did not know that he had already bathed less than 2 or 3 hrs ago so that was not the problem. i made sure that he wore fresh clothes And underwear but that was not the problem. i had read And heard of a disorder called trimethylaminuria "fish odor syndrome". i went to see a herbalist who recommended a reduction in dairy products And recommended a daily intake of a probiotic. i bought this at a local health-organic store And within one day, the odor was reduced or completely gone, even the smelly feet. i open the capsule And put it on his tongue And he drinks juice with it or i mix it with applesauce. believe me it works! he doesn`t even take it every day, And it`s still effective.

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