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Posted On : 5/19/2008 10:13:51 AM
Posted By :  Benedetta Stilwell
Under Category :  Vaccines
26 year old daughter
My daughter had kawaskis at age 2. She is now 26 and is working on her second degree in an accelerated nursing program. Her first degree was biology. She does have some health problems. Arthrisits {I am sure} she takes tramadol or ultram all the time. When she began her monthly cycle it would not stop so she is on birth control pills. and she is on antidepressants. She says she is not depressed but takes to so she is not mean to every one else when she is not on it, {I can testifiy to that}.
Age five she reacted to a DPT shot with 105 temp, passed out, and labored breathing. was okay afterwards
Her brother did the same thing when he was five months old
Her brother at nine months old had a severe reaction to his third DPT {The Pertusis Shot.} With six hours he was catotonic, dilated pupils, stopped breathing, sequela he is epilepsy, and aspergers. He is now 22
Her father reacted to a tetantus shot when he was 28. He had twice as many as most people through work and injuries. His hand and jaw clenched and he woke up on the floor. At age 34 after stepping on a nail - tetantus shot -was in pain and after two long years dignosed with a mitochonrial disorder - environmental induced not heridary. what they said

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