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Posted On : 10/22/2008 10:39:02 PM
Posted By :  Nandini
Under Category :  Pregnancy
My problem
I don`t know if what I write would be apt for this category, but i do feel as strongly as any other woman would about what i went through and hence I an sharing this.
What i experienced, is, as i was told, what 25 per cent women undergo. In medical terms - a missed abortion. First of all I still do not know the cause of it. It just happens in some cases, i was told. This was my second pregnancy. My four-year-old daughter pleaded with us for a baby sister and as she said after explanation, EVEN a baby brother would be okay! We went for pre-conception advice, did some blood tests and were given the go ahead signal. I started folic acid tablets, was extra careful about everything - no cosmetics even lipstick or sunscreen. Soon i conceived. It seemed like it was the right time. Everything went on fine and the bay was growing normally. But suddenly at a sonography at 10 weeks, i was told the sad news. I had absolutely no symptoms which could prepare me, though not completely, for something going wrong somewhere. My husband refused to believe the news and insisted on second opinions. He read up on as much as he could and finally we had to accept the harsh reality. It is now over a month since this happened to us. My little daughter has understood what has happened. She has never again asked me for a sibling. Emotionally she has provided me with much more strength than i could have expected. But
the missed abortion is a word i dread.

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