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Posted On : 11/30/2008 11:25:55 PM
Posted By :  Shradha Jadhav
Under Category :  Addiction
Mumbai Terror Blasts 26-11
I just had to write this. Having stayed in this city from the time I was born and to see something like this happening, was too much to take. These days from 26-11 have left behind scars that will always remain for lot of people. Though not affected as what people who were taken hostages, the effect is still very eerie. On 26th night at around 10:30pm I heard a blast and another one after 10 minutes. Having heard the 1993 blasts in my medical school, I knew that these were not firecrackers but were something different. I immediately turned on the TV and came to know that terrorists were firing indiscriminately at people in TAJ, Oberoi hotels and at VT station. This drama continued to unfold and it was too ghastly. Just staying across the sea, I could hear each and every grenade that was being thrown in Oberoi much before it came on the TV. I felt I was in a war zone and blasts were occuring all around. The next morning too the blasts continued: I distinctly remember hearing one at 5:15 and the other at 5:45 before I shut the windows. What was happening_? I even saw the oberoi onfire first hand through my window. And why was it not just stopping_? The anger and frustration was slowly building up. To think that we were sitting ducks to these handful of terrorists who had taken the city to ransom. Infact, I was shocked at children being exposed this kind of life so early in age. My niece who is 6 years old on being told that she had no school in view of the blasts asked me a question as to why were they killing people_? Before I could answer her she asked me again whether the terrorist were jealous_? I could only reply yes and then she asked me why were they jealous_? This hit me straight and I was set thinking, yes the terrorists are doing this because they are jealous - jealous of our freedom, jealous of our unity, jealous of our progress and their own inability and jealous that inspite of all odds we were still happy. Humans all across the globe have this way of life to carry on further and go ahead, this is the way life is designed. If we were to get stuck in hate, greed, jealousy we would be going backwards instead of forward.

The drama that was unfolding was too unrealistic and this anger kept on building - why is this happening again and again. It is very easy to blame the enemy, blame a country, but what were we doing to protect ourselves. Having left our doors unlocked, we were inviting unwanted elements and then crying foul. Our police force though brave were no way capable of fighting AK47s and hand grenades. Imagine a police force in hundreds could not take on 10 terrorists. The commandos and firefighters did a great job, but we learnt a lesson a hard way. Definitely a salute to them. Our leaders had failed us miserably. In the olden days, the king used to lead his soldiers from the front during the battle, but now our politicians were incapable also of taking emergency decisions. And some of the statements made by our political leaders were just so inhumane and risque that one felt they had no right to be there. And there were politicians who would politicise the issue - I got an SMS stating that we should now forget about the men in boat and only worry about whom to vote. What a shame that people could not give up politics even for a little while. The citizens have had enough and now is the time that we make our politicians accountable for what they have been elected for, file a Public litigation if they are found shirking from their duty, have a central or judicial body that looks into their action and if found guilty should be punished and ensure that we as a country are in safe hands and have proper security for it. THE SYSTEM HAS TO CHANGE. OUR COUNTRY BURNS WHILE OUR POLITICIANS FIDDLE. I request viewers to share their views and be aware of what is in store if we just let this go.

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