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Posted On : 11/16/2009 10:56:39 AM
Posted By :  christina
Under Category :  Development
my daughter is now 3 months old and fully recovered. At 1 week of age she had a Cephalohematoma on her head and small ones on her brain. These caused her to have decresed blood flow and oxygen to her brain which caused seizures. The doctors did an ultrasound and an xray and everything came back fine but then they did the MRI and i got the news that it may never go away. As a mom thats experienced something this extreem i urge you not to take the first answer the give you because truthfully something could really be wrong. But what i want to know is since she had the decreesed oxygen and blood flow to her brain for a short amount of time will this cause her to be slow in any way__?

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