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Posted On : 1/23/2010 4:36:39 AM
Posted By :  Pankaj S. Shah
Under Category :  Accidents
Femur Bone Fracture
Hi, Everyone, I have a son who is now 3.9 years, last year we were travelling to Lonavala a Hill station near mumbai for a 31st party, accidentally my son fell from the 1st floor of a bunglow from a height of about 14 ft. and broke his left femur bone in two. Due to the pain he lost concious, we rushed him immediately to a near by Highway Accidental Hospital and had to perform a closed reduction on treatment on him, in closed reduction the doctor tries to place the broken femur bone as close and aline the bone in such a way to get the joints in line.

First i was unsure about the procedure and soon after the Doctor imobilised him with a splint support i immediately rushed to Mumbai, and showed him to a senior doctor, the Doctor was very impressed with the treatment i had received. He left the splint support as it is we waited the Bone to re grow from the plan it had broken. However during this process his leg had shortened a little by 2-3 cm. which was very marginal.

Finally after 3 months of extream tension and stress finally my son started to take a few baby steps again, and Femur bone started taking shape and strength. Today my son perfectly all right and running as always the Doctor told me to forget the fracture as if it was a bad dream.

My only advise it that do not leave your 2-5 years baby un attended and do not think that are smart enough to take care of themself. I have seen a lot of parents to leave their baby`s with servents, please re-think.

Femur Bone being the most longest bone intend to break very fast on fall or being hit.

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