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Posted On : 4/15/2010 8:06:52 AM
Posted By :  Stancey
Under Category :  Genetic issues
complete heterchromia
my daughter is 3 months old. shortly after her birth we realized that her right eye is a dark brown and the left is a blue-ish grey. at first we were like how cute and omg, just is awe over it. well earlier this week i was on my lunch break and playing on the internet so i am curious as to how this can happen {2 different eye colors}. now you know that reading the internet can be a good thing or a bad thing, so now i am worried. i know that it can possibly be genetics, but it also states that there can be underlying causes for this happening. i know that it is more common than you think, but the internet calls it something rare. i dont want to be that parent that thinks its cute, but i dont want to sit back and think that there could be nothing wrong. although, she seems like a very perfectly normal child. so my question is as far as getting her tested to make sure that she has no underlying cause for this, where would i need to start__?__?__?

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