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Posted On : 8/12/2010 11:21:04 AM
Posted By :  concerned mama
Under Category :  Development
4-year-old bladder issues..
Hi, my names is christina and i am a proud parents of a healthy happy 4-year-old boy. But about 3 weeks ago he awoke with bad stomach pains, so bad that i brought him to emerg- they ran the regular test- infections etc. they also did a ultra-sound. Nothing came up in the tests-{and yes checked for pysical abuse of any sort} and after about 4 hours wating around in the emerg, he started to feel better and stopped complaining of pain- it went away__? Ok that- everything was fine after that.. liek i said its been about 3-4 weeks later, i had forgotten about the whole thing. But as of lately he`s been peeing his pants everyday, numerous time {he is fully potty trained and has been for like a year or longer} yesterday he had a bowel movement in his pants :S i`m confused- he`s complained for a couple weeks now that he`s tired all the time- and doesnt want to go out, to the beach, park etc. I dont know whether these symptoms are related or not, he`s also been very whiny and just not content. I mean he`s still happy with life- liek not withdrawnor anything, but just doesnt seem his full happy self. If anyone has some type of diagnosis i`d really appreciate it .

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