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Posted On : 8/19/2010 3:38:35 AM
Posted By :  Mamatha
Under Category :  Fever
Neonatal Meninzitis
My son was 20days when he had fever. i neglected that for 1 day n 2 nights by giving him Calpol. but then i took him to doc, who said as he is very small {smaller than 3 months} his antibiotic level is very low, so need to be given I, V, so should be hospitalised. i was shocked. then on the 3rd day of fever we admitted him to hospital. there the doctors waited for 1 day, n then started to give antibiotic injection through the vein. to ensure that the brain is not affected by the fever, they took water from the spinal chord, n then they said it is also infected in a small percentage. The doctors said 21 days of antibiotics should be given.{both on morning and evening, twice daily} then the doctors asked us to go for eye testing {Narayana Nethralaya} and ear testing {Dr. Chandrashekar Institute of speech and learning}. If the baby has not been hospitalised at the right time, many problems like ear problem, speech problem, fits may occur. so please dont ignore the fever.

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