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Often due to physical incapacitation, poor diets, strenuous and stressful activities,etc., many have problems with constipation. A recent discovery in this area has encouraged many of us to spread the word, and the technique, for relieving this unpleasant condition.

The Technique:
You will need to purchase two items which are found in the pharmacy section of Walmart.
First-One 16 fluid ounce-473ml bottle of Mineral oil .
Second-One twinpack complete enema in the 4.5 fluid oz-133ml size containing sodium phosphates rectal solution.

******Now this is very important- so read carefully

Take one of the bottles and remove the top and pour out the contents. Then add about two tablespoons of the mineral oil into the bottle that you just emptied and finish filling the bottle with warm{not hot} water. You will notice the mineral oil will float immediately to the top of the water. With the assistance of a bit of soap, gently insert the tip of the bottle into the anal orifice and inject the oil-water solution into the colon. In approximately 2 to 5 minutes you will have the most enjoyable BM imaginable.

Here are some answers to the most often received questions about technique-etc.

Question- The disposable plastic enema bottles-Can they be reused?
Answer-Of Course they can! I have used the same bottle for many months in fact, I have never had to dispose of a bottle for material or structural failure.

Question- Do I have to fill the little bottle and inject the entire amount at one time?
Answer-No! My preferred procedure is to first put in the amount of mineral oil you decide is right for you.Then add luke warm water until the oil floats to the top of the bottle. Put on the top and only inject about a 1-4 or a 1-3 of the liquid and wait for a couple of minutes. You can sit down, remain standing,or continue whatever activities you wish, until the urge becomes strong enough for you to relieve yourself.

Question: Is mineral oil the only lubricant that one can use.
Answer: No! I have used "sweet oil" sometimes known as olive oil and it works perfectly fine. However, you may come to agree that mineral oil is the most soothing and gentle and it seems that mineral oil rises the fastest into the colon and coats the interior best.

Do I have to be sitting down to administer this mini-enema?
Answer- No! I have found the most convenient method is to place one foot on top of the toilet and to insert at least half the nozzle length to prevent outflow around the edges at the point of insertion. Then gently squeeze the plastic bottle until you inject the amount of fluid that you ***find right*** for you.
By standing, you assist the flow of the mineral oil in it`s natural movement upward in coating the colon.

Question - I am troubled by partial-incomplete bowel movements and having to spend an inordinate amount of time cleansing myself. Will this help my problem?
Answer- Yes! Absolutely it will- You will find the entire lower colon, containing the matter ready for expulsion-will empty-bringing great relief and usually requiring only a gentle wipe to remove the small amount of oil around the anal orifice.

Question 4- I am gay and wonder if I should use this to clean out my colon prior to having sex?
Answer- I do not feel qualified to address this query. However,I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide gained from experimentation.

This technique is a wonderful blessing for those people who require home nursing care, invalids, those suffering from impactions,chronic constipation,pill takers and heroin addicts,etc.

Many times nurses and caretakers do not give traditional enemas or colonic cleanses to patients because it is so unpleasant to clean up afterwards. This is a method that anyone, except the most severely incapacitated, can self administer and use for relief.

Please pass this information on- so others may benefit-Thank You!

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