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My son was an athlete, going to track practice 5 days a week. Feeling a little more tired than usual, he told me he also had a boil type lesion on his thigh. Looking at it, about the diameter of an eraser on the tip of a pencil. Explained to him, let me know if it changes or if it doesnt heal. Two weeks earlier, he had an infection on his index finger. We just thought he cut his finger and it got infected. Used first aid treatment with antibiotic ointment. It just wouldnt heal. I called the doctor, he saw it - put him on broad spectrum antibiotic. It went away and came back about the same time as the boil type lesion arrived.
So, I notified the physician that it returned, on Thursday. Appt was set up the following Monday
On Sunday, I worked at the hospital {long day}I am a nurse. When I arrived home, his lesion on his leg had grown to golf ball size overnight. My instinct told me to take him directly to the ER. I had told the ER physician about what had transpired, every detail. I asked the physicians assistant if they would draw lab work, she said probably "not". I asked the doctor, and he did order a CBC. When the blood work came back I was told that my son had leukemia.
Next morning we went to Riley Childrens Hospital where he had a bone marrow biopsy and central line. Chemotherapy started the next day.
I missed the doctors appt. but I believed it saved his life. My primary doctor, told me he would have never done a CBC. Instinct, not only mine but also the doctors saved my sons life.
After, relapsing with chemotherapy. He received more intensive chemo and irradiation. Then we found a 5 out 6 match in the bone marrow registry. They told us the odds were 10-15 Percent chance. We never gave up! Even though he had every complication they could tell us about. He is alive and doing well. His name is Lonnie Fowler. He is the strongest person I have ever met, with such a resilience for life. I truly believe that instincts are very important, dont ever think twice about the little things that could make the difference.

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