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VUR Disease
After reading others info on this site, I wish to add much the same as the one I read, about, making sure you understand everything the Dr. has said, as difficult as it is to not feel intimidated, We, the parents, must be assertive, My Grandchild, after two visits to the Dr. for feeling ill, fever on and off again, etc. only to be sent home, being told "things are going around" finally, dr. did see the need to run tests, and child has VUR, put on an antibiotic, with no return visits, says it will probably take care of it self before child is five. well, no, child is three, and has lost 70 Percentof one kidney, and the other is to the number two, which is ok, if treated..... come on, we as parents can no longer assume our dr has our best interest at heart. obviously!!!!!!
Thanks for hearing me out

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