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my son was diagnosed wif hyddrocephalus when he was born
My son is three year old now. He was born wif a lump on his head. MRI shows his left third ventricle is enlarged.He was refered to a neurology.The neurology said he needs a shunt. I was so depresed. The way he explain to us as if my son is a machine.To do surgery at 3 days old.Shunt is the best way no other alternatives. we decide to take a second and third opinion. I should say im glad we did that.My son is ok , his head is not growing bigger is within the normal range. We only remove the lump. Yes of course he has problem wif his eyesight coz of squint, delay in a few things but he`s catching up. My advise is to take a second and third opinion before we make a decision .

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