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downs syndrome
my daughter has a very small nose with slight bridge and her ears are big and she always puts her tongue out. due to this feature my pediatrician told me to go for a test-downs syndrome and gave certain address where the test can be done ,when i called the hospital for the appointment i spoke to the assistant to the dr .she told me to get the baby and her few snaps,for which i was scared .in reply to my querie she replied we want to see her and study.then she said details about the test and said if it comes positive then nothing can be done and that child by the time she will be 5 yrs old will not be able to move from 1 place to another she will be like a vegetable.i was shocked and in tears .i took 2-3 drs opinion who came a lot of advise and hope regarding her
.my days were sinking looking at her ,but my child was very active she was in her 8-9 month.between the twins she was very active she started walking in 9 months ,spoke in 1 yr and today at 4 yrs she is best in the class,very good in dancing and drawing.when i look back the words which that asssitant to the dr had told proved all wrong .i was devastated 1 whole month was bad and tensed period.thanks to a pediatric who is also a friend of ours told me" if u dont feel like doing this test dont do it,if she walks ,babbles,picks up her food,and does all sort of activity,then forget it".i listened to him and today i am happy ,how can medical representatives be this way they literally divert your mind and upset you in so many ways.i dont feel like trusting anybody now

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