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reflux kidney plus kidney damage
Hi just been reading articles and thought i would share my experiences with other worried parents. It all began in the summer of 2003 when my daughter Olivia started to be unwell. Just writing this is making me cry as i wish i had pushed the doctors more. I was backwards and forwards to the doctors getting no where, one day olivia would be ok the next so poorly i did not know what to do with her.
Feeling like a nurotic mother i kept pumping the old paracetomol into her as directed by numerous doctors. Nothing seemed to work we had our own chair at the surgery by the middle of December that year. Things finaly came to a head christmas eve when having taken olivia to the doctors for the 13th time since 28th November. Our first appointment was in the morning when 1 doctor wanted her to go to hospital but as she was a student she got over ruled by another doctor who even though he pushed her legs up to her tummy and she SCREAMED said she was to alert to be seriously ill and gave yet more antibiotics.
Unfortunatly by the afternoon i was called home from work by my mother to saying olivia had deteriated. Well i was met with a worried husband, mother and a very limp rag doll like daughter.
We made yet another visit to the doctor {he saw her in the morning} his words to me were `i cannot persuede you there is nothing wrong i will get her admitted to hospital`. Hurray at least we would get some answers and we did within 4 hrs were told she had a urine infection.
At last i was NOT a nurotic mother. I knew my daughter was ill and now i had proof.
During 2004 olivia had lots of different test to discover exactly what was going on.We got the answers we needed she has a reflux kidney and as it was left so long without being detected unfortunatly she also has kidney damage.
she has been in and out of hospital this year with more infections but are now under control with Nitrofurantoin. We have been for a check up this month and she is being booked in for more tests to see if she can come off the drugs, she has a fabulous consultant who explains everything and we cannot thank her enough.
So please dont feel you are alone get in touch.
I will update when we know more.From a mother that was not being nurotic

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