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Posted On : 12/9/2005 2:07:57 PM
Posted By :  Alicia Alvarez
Under Category :  Kawasaki`s disease
Atypical Kawasaki`s
My 7 month old son was recently diagnosed with atypical kawasaki`s. I had never heard of this disease until my son became very ill and doctor`s couldn`t quite tell what was wrong. Initially he had been sick for about a week with high fevers of 102 and 103 and vomitted. I took him to the doctor where they told me that he had an ear infection so they prescribed anitbiotics and a decongestant because he had also been very goopy.I gave him the antibiotic as perscribed but noticed that it just didn`t seem to be helping him very much.His fever persisted and I kept giving him motrin and Tylenol. Finally on the 6th day of fever he woke with a rash all over his body, his diapers were dry, he refused to take anything to eat or drink, and he just seemed miserable.I thought that he had developed an allergic reaction of some kind, to either the motrin or antibiotic so I took him back to the doctor.I described his symptoms and luckily his doctor was able to recognize these symptoms as it possibly being Kawasaki`s, but they said that it was unlikely that he could have it because of his being so young, but still they decided to treat it as such. My baby was admitted that same day. The docotor`s were still unsure that it was Kawasaki`s but after a battery of tests and everything coming back negative, and after consulting a special team of pediatric cardiologists they decided to go ahead with the IVIG treatment{intravenious immunoglobulin}. They told me that if he responded to the treatment then that was most likely the cause of the severity of his symptoms. After receiving the treatment he responded very well to it and almost immediatly started feeling better. I thank God, that the doctor`s were able to tell what these symptoms were early enough so that he didn`t get any heart damage. He`s now doing better, but is on a high dose asprin therapy for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I`m still very fearful of him getting a remission of this terrible illness,and have to keep a careful eye on him to not be exposed to the flu or chicken pox as this could lead to Rye`s syndrome. Despite all this, I`m just thankful that he is OK and feeling better now and at home.I never imagined that a simple trip to the doctor would turn into a scary week long stay at the hospital.
Kawasaki`s is a very seriouse illness, and I think that parents should be more aware of this terrible childhood disease and what the symptoms are because they can easily be mistaken for something as simple as an allergic reaction or the flu.

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