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Posted On : 2/12/2006 11:17:10 PM
Posted By :  Lisa
Under Category :  Dealing with multiple problems
My brave little 3 year old daughter
When my daughter was born everything was perfect, I finally had a daughter.All that soon changed, at the age of 1 I noticed that something was really wrong with her.I have 2 older sons at the time they were 4 and 6.I went to my doctor and told him that she wasn`t walking yet, she was barely crawling. My doctor assured me that she was the youngest and it was because her older brothers are probablly doing everything for her so why am I worried?I don`t know mothers intuition? By the time my daughter was 2 she still wasn`t walking, something is seriously wrong I thought to myself. I took her to the same doctor again and demanded answers!!! He of course passed the buck. He finally recommended a neurologist.A year has passed after countless appointments with 10 specialists, physio, 2 surgeries, orthopedic braces etc...My daughter was finally diagnosed with DEJERINE-SOTTAS SYNDROME a very rare disease that affects the nerve conductors to the muscles. If you know of someone who has the disease please let me know

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