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Posted On : 2/17/2006 6:25:32 PM
Posted By :  nick lyon
Under Category :  Doctors
My 4 halfyear old son was ill on and off since aurgus 2005. my wife and i would visit the doctors with my son LEWIS, once a fortnight and leave with no answers and some antibiotics.As we trust in our G.Ps we did just think he had a virus as the doctor told us.As my son got paler and paller and less energy,alway saying he was tyred, not like he used to be eaven his school teachers would say how he had changed.We thourt it mite be to do with his bowels as he has had problems with them since been 2 years old.As the months went on his face would sometimes swell when he felt ill.On a trip to the G.Ps after telling him about the changes in LEWIS, as we had done for the last 3to4 months and he could see his face was swolled, the G.P said "the swelling was unrelated"and we left with some antibiotics.That night LEWIS got worse,and so the next morning, Saturday 11 of febuary 2006 we took him to see an emergency doctor who examind LEWIS and was a bit concerned he said "If the swelling dose not go ,and he stays the same[looking very pale and weak] dont hesitate get him to hospital".The next morning we took LEWIS to AAndE where he was see and examind by a GOOD doctor...As i am writing this ,saturday 18 febuary my son is in hospital and been treated for NEPHROTIC SYNDROME.A kidney disease that can be tested for by a simple urine test. The doctors that are curing for him in hospital have all asked why has your GP, never done this urine test? And for this we have no answer .MY WIFE AND I NEW FOR A LONG TIME THAT THIS WAS NOT JUST LEWIS PICKING UP VIRUSES AS ALL CHILDREN DO AS OUR GP. SAID TIME AFTER TIME.I AM NO DOCTOR, BUT JUST FROM WACHING TELEVITION MY WIFE AND I NEW THAT SWELLING AROUND THE EYES CAN MEAN A PROBLEM WITH THE LIVER OR KIDNEY .I am very angry about LEWIS` GP ...THAKFULLY THERE ARE GOOD GP OUT THERE HOPE WE FIND ONE

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