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Sayenna Uduman*, M I Sahadulla**, Raja Lakshmi***
Clinical Description, Diagnosis & Control:
Because the virus, the mosquito vectors and hosts are ubiquitous in rural Asia, most of the population is exposed during childhood as shown by serologic studies, though disease develops in only a small proportion of infected persons. The effects range from a nonspecific febrile illness to severe meningoencephalitis, manifested by altered level of consciousness, seizures, and acute flaccid paralysis. The incubation period is 6 to 16 days.
Laboratory confirmation for the precise diagnosis of JE is important because of many etiologic agents are responsible to cause acute onset encephalitic syndrome. The disease is usually diagnosed by CSF analysis by viral culture, antigen and antibody detection by serology testing. .
There is no established antiviral treatment for the disease, but an understanding of the pathogenesis may point the way toward supportive care and vector control efforts. Since culex mosquitos has a flight range of 20 km , all local control measures will fail but should avoid further mosquito bites because the virus is maintained in nature in a transmission cycle involving mosquitoes , birds and pigs. Apart from measures to reduce the risk of being bitten by infected mosquitos; still, the best hope for controlling Japanese encephalitis lies in vaccination.


Contributor Information and Disclosures

Sayenna Uduman*, M I Sahadulla**, Raja Lakshmi***
*MD, FAAP Visiting Professor, Infection Control Committee & ID Division of the KIMS
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

**CMD, ID Division- KIMS.
***Consultant ID, ICC Chair – KIMS

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