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Description:Query : My son is 1 year old and he has constipation problem all the time. Because of constipation he got his mucousal prolapse and he is straining a lot while passing his stool. Now he is on duphalac. My pediatric surgeon told me to take a thyroid test for him. But i think its too early for him to do it. What could be the root cause of this problem. Even i changed his diet but of no improvement. He is not gaining weight from last 3 months. Now he is just 7.5kgs. Why he is not putting weight_? Is it because of constipation or any other problem_? He is a good eater with 3 meals a day and 2 snacks like fruits or one whole egg or dry fruits. He consumes around 300 ml of milk{formula milk}. No breast milk for him from his birth. He is on Nan pro. Please help me out doctor.
Answer: Your son is 1 year old and thus should be on regular diet like any adult in the house. He must have maximum vegetables, salads, Dal, fruits at lweast 3 - 4 helpings per day. Constipation not treated adeuately, and habit of straining can cause prolapse. You need to show a Pediatric Surgeon near you. What I would advise is - proper diet, stool softener, physiotherapist for teaching sphincter exercises, and faradic stimulatiion. Also strapping of the buttuocks after each time he passes stool as additional support. This should take care of the prolapse, but stool must be soft, no straining and time will help. Regards, Dr Vivek Rege

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