General Eating Guidelines

General Eating Guidelines
Take food less than your hunger.

Take your meals preferably two times a day- Avoid meals after sunset.

Include in your daily diet - Curd, emblic myrobalan (Amla), Sprouted black grams, Apple, Honey, Almonds, Soyabeans, Lemon, Raw Onion, Garlic.

Avoid Sugar as far as possible; it causes aging, cataract and acidity.

Don't take salt in excess. Use as little salt as possible. Excessive salt corrodes our body like seawater.

Take hot water after every meal to control the fatness and improve digestion.

Preferably drink water after 20 minutes after food and not along with the food.

Preferably do not have any other food or drink while having milk.

General Eating Guidelines General Eating Guidelines 09/15/2014
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