Heart Disease

Heart Disease
- Take a medicinal rudraksh (A real rudraksh can be indentified if it floats in a cup of water, whereas the artificial one will sink in water) and rub it on a stone to create a fine powder (Do not do it in a mixer or try to grind it). Take ½ pinch of rudraksh powder and 1 pinch of arjunchal churna, mix it in 1 tea spoon of honey. Drink this potion twice a day.

This medicine can be taken for high blood pressure, low blood pressure or any kind of heart disease.

- Wear a chain with a rudraksh pendant such that the rudraksh touches the chest over the region of the heart.

Rudraksh acts by its magnetic power, thus increasing the blood flow to the heart(blood contains hemoglobin which is very rich in iron). It also tends to dissolve the clots, thus increasing the blood circulation to the heart.

Heart Disease Heart Disease 09/15/2014
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