Milk - How to Get Your Child to have Milk

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Milk - How to Get Your Child to have Milk
Milk helps to build a healthy body and strong teeth, more so because it has plenty of calcium.

Sources of milk:
The most popularly used milk is cow's milk and buffalo's milk. Infact most of us enjoy drinking milk in its natural form.

Composition of milk:
Milk contains 80-90% water. The rest 10% are major nutrients required by the body like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamin. Cow milk contains 3.5 to 5% fat and buffalo's milk contains 9-10% fat. Milk also contains minerals like calcium, phosphorous which are plenty and potassium, sodium, iodine in traces. It is an excellent source of vitamin A, B, E, and K. Carbohydrates acts as sweetener and is major source of energy.

You might know..

A cup of milk provides 300mg of calcium while cup of yoghurt gives 300-400 mg of calcium and cottage cheese (paneer) 75-150mg. A litre of milk supplies as much calcium as 21 eggs.

Milk products:
- Ice cream, a popular frozen desert is made of milk, cream and flavouring agents.
- When chilled cream is churned gently we get butter leaving buttermilk, which is a nutritious drink.
- Yoghurt (Dahi) and cheese are fermented milk products.
- Dried non-fat milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk.

Despite all this advantages of milk, we know your kid makes a big fuss over the morning glass of milk. Well you like to convince him of the gains of milk by making some likeable deserts out of milk:

- You can make ice cream of your favourite flavour at home.
- You can also take fresh milk cream and whip it lightly. Add some
fruits and nuts and flavour with vanilla or any other essence.
- Drinking buttermilk during summers is good for your child's digestive system.
- Shrikhand, the popular sweet dish made of freshly hung curd can be given to child.
- Milkshakes in different flavours of chocolate, banana, mango, and strawberry are good breakfast drinks.
- Souffles are also made with milk.
- Kadhi made from yoghurts (Dahi) can also be given.
- Paneer (cottage cheese) can be put in vegetables or a sandwich.
- A cup of milk mixed with honey taken before going to sleep at nights is very good.

Milk is a complete food as it gives energy, helps growth and prevents many diseases. So next time
your child says 'no' to milk, just say one glass of milk a day, keeps illness away.

Milk - How to Get Your Child to have Milk Milk - How to Get Your Child to have Milk 09/15/2014
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