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Q. 6 years boy with attacks of sense ff drowsiness for about 2 minutes during which he is copletely conscious he has no pallor normal cardiac examination no headache
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A 7 years old boy suffering from extrahepatic portal hypertension had an episode of malena. An upper GI endoscopy was done. There was presence of Grade 1-2 esophageal varices without any bleeding stigmata. Stomach showed changes of portal gastropathy ...
What could be the cause of polyps in this child_?
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Diagnostic Dilemma
A 10 years old boy had a dog bite by a street dog a year ago. The boy did not inform his parents that he had a dog bite. A year later, he informed his parents about the dog bite. The street dog was not seen after a few days after the bite.
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Q. Should dengue vaccine be a part of the immunization schedule of all tropical countries_?
  • Yes, it is known to decrease severity of dengue in children above 9 years of age
  • No, its efficacy in children below 9 years is doubtful

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