Metabolic Liver Diseases
Metabolic Liver Diseases
Presentation by Dr Ira Shah on Metabolic Liver Diseases

Incidence cause of pediatric liver transplants common cause of metabolic liver disease in India .
Our experience in metabolic liver disease. It's types disease why liver damage occurs,which are metabolic liver disease
Pathological manifestation, alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency treatment, cystic fibrosis case, disorders of bile acid synthesis, Wilson's disease
,hepatic presentation(in absence of neurological manifestation)diagnosis, hereditary fructose intolerance, what is Galactosemia, glycogen storage disease,
what is the diagnosis, investigations tyrosinemia, presentation of acute liver failure, chronic liver disease, hcc, renal tubular dysfunction,
episodic porphyria -like neurological episodes caused by succinyl acetone inhibiting the metabolism of aminolevulinic acid,
other metabolic disorders in which liver has the enzyme defect mitochondrial disorders urea cycle defects,
methyl maloic & propionic acidemia,maple syrup urina disease, primary hyperoxaluria, criggler najjer syndrome
, neimann pick type c, porphyria, lysosomal storage diseases.



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