New Practical Approach of Diagnostic Dilemmas in TB
New Practical Approach of Diagnostic Dilemmas in TB
Dr Ira Shah talks about the common diagnostic dilemmas faced while managing a pediatric TB patient.
Mainly describe about the role of interferon gamma release assays and adenosine deaminase diagnostic dilemmas in tuberculous.
IFN-gamma assays are based on the fact that t-cells sensitized with tuberculous antigens produce IFN-gamma when they are re-exposed to mycobacteria or BCG. MT positive due to BCG or atypical mycobacteria and tuberculous.
Case of IGRA should be dry cough for 1 month, no fever, no loss of appetite or loss of weight.
Role of ADA deficiency in dilemmas diagnostic tuberculous which contributes in purine metabolism and essential for proliferation and differentiation of lymphoid cells especially T cells and helps in the maturation of monocytes to macrophages and tuberculous effusion is the result of a cell-medicated immune response.



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