ISSN - 0973-0958
Marginal Mandibular Nerve Palsy as an Unusual Complication in Ludwigs Angina
Dipankar Sarkar*, Shruti Sarkar*, Ashutosh S Mangalgiri**, Gagan Thakur***, Vijaya Beohar*
Department of Pediatrics*, Department of Anatomy**, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery***, Peoples College of Medical Science and Research Center, Bhopal, India.

Ludwig's angina is a rapidly spreading cellulitis of the floor of the mouth characterized by firm induration and elevation of the tongue. The cellulitis may spread and cause life-threatening complication by obstructing the airway. Several other complications have been reported secondary to the progress of cellulitis in different anatomical plains. We describe a case of a two year old girl with Ludwig's angina who developed left-sided marginal mandibular nerve palsy. This complication has never been reported before.
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