ISSN - 0973-0958
Patent Urachus with Inverted Ileal Prolapse Through the Patent Vitellointestinal Duct - A Case Report
Nitin Sharma, Ameen Memon*, Shipra Sharma, A K Sharma
Department of General Surgery and *Pediatric Surgery, BRAM, Raipur, India

A variety of vitellointestinal duct anomalies are known with variable frequencies and its association with patent urachus is also known occasionally but prolapse of inverted ileum through the patent vitellointestinal duct is extremely rare presentation. Here we are reporting one rare case of patent urachus with patent vitellointestinal duct with prolapse of inverted ileum through it presenting in a neonate. Complications like ischemia of prolapsed ileal loop had already commenced in the form of blackening and absence of peristalsis but with prompt operative management, the patient's life could be saved and morbidities were curbed.
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