Tuberous Sclerosis

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Tuberous Sclerosis - Management
Unfortunately, there is no cure for tuberous sclerosis but treatment is available for various related symptoms.

For a child below 5 years
Epilepsy: It may not always be possible to stop fits altogether, however, best possible control with minimum side effects should be the goal. Infantile spasms can be well controlled with Vigabatrin.

Developmental delay : The speech and communication is usually delayed rather than motor delay.

Sleep problems: Blood pressure and blood test for renal functions should be checked annually.

For children between 5 - 10 years
Standard eye and hearing check-ups should be carried out. These are especially important in a child with a learning disability, so that these problems can be corrected to maximize the learning capacity. Regular dental checkup is also important as certain anti-epileptic medication may cause teeth problems.

For children above 10 years
Kidney problems should be monitored as they may turn up later. Facial rash (adenoma sebaceum) may be seen and can be disguised with special make-up or treated with laser therapy. Signs for hydrocephalus should always be looked for.

Most people affected by tuberous sclerosis have a normal life span. Over 50% of people with tuberous sclerosis are intellectually normal. Remainder have learning disabilities to a greater or lesser extent.

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