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Q. a 2 year old female child being treated as a case of acute lymphoblastic leukamia,develops retention of urine and distension of bladder which was relieved after catheterization,develops respiratory distres and distension of abdomen.on clinical examination the distension was due to obstuction which w ...

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Case Report: A 10 month old male child was referred in view of fever, anasarca and respiratory distress. He was treated with ceftriaxone by referring hospital for 3 days. On presentation to us, he had pallor, was lethargic with heart rate of 140/minu ...
What is the diagnosis and why is there thrombosis of the IJV?
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Diagnostic Dilemma

A 9 years old boy born of non-consanguineous marriage presented with jaundice since 20 days. His older brother had also died due to jaundice. On examination, he had icterus with firm hepatosplenomegaly. In view of firm hepatomegaly, an underlying chronic liver disease was suspected though presentati ...
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Q. Should HIV parents undergo medical termination of pregnancy if they desire that option?
  • Yes, though risk of transmission is low, the child may be HIV infected
  • No, risk of transmission is negligible and HIV is now a manageable disease
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