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Q. can u use salbutamol and terbutaline in neonates and infants

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A 23 year old female was referred to us in April 2016 with right shoulder swelling for 3 months. In January 2015 she had fever and right axillary lymphadenopathy and was diagnosed to have right forearm cysticercosis as her MRI of the right shoulder s ...
How should musculoskeletal cysticercosis be treated?
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Diagnostic Dilemma

A 1½ month old girl born of non consanguineous marriage presented with fever for 5 days, thickening of skin over back, arms since 15 days of life. She was a post term caesarean section with meconium aspiration and required ventilatory support postnatally and required NICU stay for 15 days. She is im ...
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Q. Should pulverisation of adult drugs be done for pediatric patients by mortar and pestle?
  • Yes, there is no other way available commercially
  • No, compounding pharmacies should be regulated
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