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Q. nasssovac vaccibne by serum institute.isit approved by who and ipa to be given to all children and adults above 3 yrs booster dose necessay as mentioned in info. booklet after 21 days or anytime after one year like other inf`luenza vaccine CAN IT BE GIVE IN CHILD WHO IS WHEEZING DUE TO ALLERGIC ...

Teaching Files/ Grand Rounds

A 13 years old HIV infected boy on ART since 6 years of age presented with progressive increase of involuntary movements of left side of body with increased tone in Sept 2011. He was diagnosed to have left sided dystonia due to infarct in right lenti ...
Why did the child have continued neurological damage inspite of ART?
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Diagnostic Dilemma

A one year old boy presented with cough and fever for 7 days. There was no TB contact. On examination, his weight was 7.7kg. He had respiratory distress with cardiomegaly and bilateral pleural effusion. Chest X-Ray showing bilateral pleural effusion with pericardial effusion. Echocardiography showed ...
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Q. Is TB elimination possible by 2025 as envisioned by the authorities?
  • Yes, if active surveillance is carried out
  • No, the pool of latent TB needs to be treated and we need a better vaccine
  • Till poverty and overpopulation are taken care of, it is not possible
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