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Q. Short Stature with Recurrent Pallor and Constipation 13 years old Muslim male child born of non consanguineous marriage was brought with chief complaints of progressively increasing jaundice for 15 days, gradually increasing pallor for 10 – 15 days, constipation and abdominal ...

Teaching Files/ Grand Rounds

A 1 months old boy presented with progressive abdominal distension since 1 month of age and breathlessness for a day. There was no jaundice or pallor. On examination, weight was 3.86 kg. His vital parameters were normal and systemic examination revea ...
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Diagnostic Dilemma

A 2½ years old boy presented with fever and vomiting for 9 days. He was detected to have tuberculous meningitis (TBM) at the age of 1½ years in view of right sided hemiparesis with communicating hydrocephalus and right frontal periventricular tuberculoma. He was treated with antituberculous therapy ...
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Q. Can disposable catheters and stents be reused after proper sterilization?
  • Yes, it helps to reduce the costs to the patients
  • No, it is not hygienic
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