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Q. Many times it is found in patients of malarial documented fever Widal test is found positive i.e. Salm typhO titre 1, 160 or more. Same thing I found with Dengue fever where Widal Salm typhO titres are raised to 1, 160 or more. I am told Widal is positive due to amnestic reaction and these cases are ...

Teaching Files/ Grand Rounds

A 6-year-old female was referred to us for evaluation of incidentally discovered right-sided cervical lymphadenopathy for one month. She had a cough initially for a week but now did not have any complaints. Her mother was treated for genital tubercul ...
Why did the sputum sample grow MTB in this child?
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Diagnostic Dilemma

An eight year old girl presented with diarrhea and blood in stools for 3 days associated with tenesmus and fever. Stools were watery associated with mucus 8-10 times/day. There was no history of vomiting, oliguria.
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Q. What is the reason for measles outbreak in USA and some european countries?
  • The vaccine coverage is poor
  • Due to myths surrounding the vaccine, the uptake of vaccine among public is poor
  • The vaccine efficacy is not great
  • The reason is multifactorial
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