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Q. A full term newborn presented to opd for complaints of abnormal head shape. no history of fever, abnormal movements. antenal history insignificant usg cranium revealed multiple large echogenic lesions in the superficial cortex with basal ganglia calcification.

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A 7 year old girl presented with fever for one month. Father had been treated for pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) 6 months ago. She was detected to have right sided pleural effusion with pneumonia on chest X-ray. She underwent pleural tap and pleural flu ...
How long does it take to get radiological resolution with tuberculous pleural ef ...
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Diagnostic Dilemma

A 7 year old girl presented with edema of feet since birth. She is otherwise asymptomatic. On examination apart from edema feet (non-pitting) and skin denudation over edema, the rest of examination is normal.
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Q. With increasing air pollution across the globe, doctors advise air purifiers at home?
  • No, the indoor air is usually clean
  • Yes, it will prevent respiratory infections
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