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Q. 9 mo. old baby firm to hard tender swelling on the right parotid region, high fever two days.macular rashes itching on the right side of the body for one day. What could be the possibility?

Teaching Files/ Grand Rounds

An 8 years old female, presented in Feb 2015 with fever and headache for 15 days. She was admitted in a hospital a week ago after she developed right lateral rectus palsy. There was no contact with a patient having TB. CT brain showed nodular area wi ...
What is the likely diagnosis?
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Diagnostic Dilemma

A 5 years old boy was detected to have endobronchial TB at the age of 2 years and was on antituberculous therapy {ATT} for the past 3 years that included intermittent Streptomycin and Amikacin injections. Currently, he now had pneumonia along with otitis media and molluscum contagiosum. Thus an HIV ...
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Q. Should bariatric surgery be offered to obese children?
  • Yes, studies have shown that obese teens who have bariatric surgery have better quality of life, less joint pain and fewer physical limitations.
  • No, BMI reduction is of just 5% to 10% post surgery.
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