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Q. What is the difference between BioVac and Havarix Vaccines? How they are different?

Teaching Files/ Grand Rounds

A 6-month-old boy born of second-degree consanguineous marriage presented with diarrhea, papular reddish lesions over hands & feet and chronic bilateral ear discharge since 3 months of age. His eldest brother had died at 8 months of age due to respir ...
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Diagnostic Dilemma

A 2 month old boy born of non-consanguineous marriage presents with fever and cough of 3 days and multiple episodes of generalized tonic clonic convulsions in past 2 days. The child has 6-7 episodes of seizures in a day, each lasting for few minutes without any post ictal drowsiness. There is no let ...
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Q. Germany has allowed mixed COVID-19 vaccine program. Should people be vaccinated with different COVID-19 vaccines or should they re..
  • Mixed vaccination is better as it leads to better immunity
  • No, the same brand should be used for vaccination as the protective antibody response is better
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