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Q. A 12 years old previously well child admitted with 6 days h, o high fever - 39C to 40C. Fever was associated with chills. No other associated symptoms. He had no cold, no cough, no GI or urinary symptoms. His General physical examination and systemic examination was normal. ENT examination was norma ...

Teaching Files/ Grand Rounds

A 21 months old boy presented with fever, cough, cold for 4 days, drowsiness for 2 days and one episode of convulsion. He had been treated with oral paracetamol for the initial 2 days of fever every 4 hourly with intake of 150 mg/kg/day. There was no ...
How should this child be treated?
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Diagnostic Dilemma

A 3 year old girl presented with fever for 1 month, cough since 15 days and vomiting for a day. There was no urinary or bowel complaints. She was treated with antibiotics and antimalarials for the same but had no response. There was no contact with tuberculosis. Previously she had a febrile convulsi ...
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Q. Pan-resistant bacterial infections are on the rise. Should there be a restricted use of higher antibiotics?
  • Yes, most of higher antibiotics are used empirically
  • No, most of the higher antibiotics are used in life threatening situations
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