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Q. My son is 28 months old now and was diagnoed as steroid responsive nephrotic syndrome 3 months back.He is now on 2.5 mg alt day and will finish in next 3 days.When is the ideal time to give him pneumococcal vaccine and also should we repeat varicella vaccine again.He was immuised for variclla at 1 ...

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Keywords: Hemophilia A, factor VIII, prophylaxis, target joint A 12-years-old-boy presented with recurrent left knee joint swelling for 6 months. He was diagnosed to have severe hemophilia A at the age of one year when he was evaluated for multip ...
What is the target joint and how it should be managed?
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Diagnostic Dilemma

A 6 years old girl born of third degree consanguineous marriage presented with repeated episodes of vomiting followed by altered sensorium and drowsiness. There was no fever or jaundice. She had normal milestones and was immunized till date. On examination, she was comatose with Glasgow coma scale o ...
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Q. Are dengue vaccines useful in children?
  • Dengvaxia increases the risk of severe disease in children not previously infected.
  • Takeda’s vaccine does not increase the risk of severe dengue but is not fully protective against all four virus types
  • Yes, at 12 months after a second dose, the Takeda vaccine was deemed 80.2% effective.
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