Aluminum phosphide

They are white or grey tablets with garlicky odor.
Route :
Ingestion or inhalation
Fatal Dose :
one tablet (3gm)
Fatal Period :
24 hours
Mechanism of action :
It is due to phosphine gas {PH3} gas released on contact with gastric Hcl. Phosphine inhibits respiratory chain enzymes and has cytotoxic action.
Clinical Picture :
• dizziness
• vomiting
• diarrhea
• respiratory distress
• cyanosis
• cardiac arrhythmia
• circulatory failure
• convulsions

Treatment :
• Gastric lavage with sodium bicarbonate
• Activated charcoal
• Antacids reduce absorption of phosphine
• Magnesium reduces organ toxicity, hypomagnesemia and arrhythmia`s
• Symptomatic
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