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Intussusception - Presentation
This is a condition commonly found in infants about 6 - 9 months old "just after starting weaning from breast feeds to top feeds. It can occur in either sex, usually chubby children, who are otherwise healthy. The infant will clasically present with sudden attacks of colicky abdominal pain with screaming, drawing up of the legs, crying. The child may have a small vomit, may later become suddenly quiet. This is followed by another attack of severe pain. Gradually the abdomen starts to distend, the vomiting may recur and turn from white to green(bilious). Initially the child may pass normal stool, but later may pass a stool that is a mixture of mucus, blood. This last symptom can shake the parents confidence and they run to the doctor. Examination by the doctor of this child when quiet, may reveal a mass in the abdomen" sausage shaped usually upper midline above the umbilicus. This lump is due to the intussuscepted bowel loops. The history of the pain and screams is very suggestive of this condition, especially given the age of the child.

Intussusception Intussusception 01/06/2001
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